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repose: a disposition free from stress or emotion.
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PostSubject: Cm - Chief Muppet   Cm - Chief Muppet EmptySat Jun 09, 2012 8:13 pm


Everyone knows me as Cm - and my toon in Tranquility is Brine.

About me:

I'm officially old. Knocking on 40 and in the UK. My wife likes watching me play computer games (no, really) apart from WoW which she describes as "dungeons and dragons without dice". I mess around on computers for a living and generally have a laugh.

WoW stuff:

Involved in WoW since Open Beta oh so many years ago. I managed to fill up my total toon slots (50 across all servers) pretty quick but generally mess around on Zenedar due to the awesome people i've met here.

I didn't really have the time or scope to raid in Vanilla, but after some real life turbulence, joined Vendetta and began raiding. I'm a healer at heart and it's by far what i'm best at. I'm an ok tank and ok at dps, but I always find myself gravitating to watching the healers in any scenario.

Happy to help anyone with quests, short boosts, gearing, LFRs, HCs, etc. Just shout. If you want to chat and i'm not online, as one of the other officers and they have my real ID in case i'm doing something on another toon.

Have fun and see you in-game.


p.s. I'm crap at PvP.
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Cm - Chief Muppet
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