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repose: a disposition free from stress or emotion.
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PostSubject: Silverstorm - Head Elder   Silverstorm - Head Elder EmptyThu May 31, 2012 5:07 am

Hi, I am Silverstorm and I am the Guild Master of Tranquility (aka Head Elder).

About me

Well I am 26, female (yeah yeah I know girls don't play wow yadda yadda) and I am from the UK. I live with my fiancé Faceman (also an officer) and we have two Chinese Dwarf hamsters called Coco and Stripe. I am an accountant and am currently studying for the Chartered accountancy qualification.

Guild and WOW Experience

I have been playing wow since vanilla when I was persuaded to 'try out' the game by Faceman and some colleagues from work. I have been hooked every since and have been a part of a few guilds starting with Brethren of Nidhug - which was just a gang of people who worked together and levelling to 60 (back in the day!). From there I moved to Reckless Doom and stayed there until just prior to TBC when the intelligent guild master and one of the officers got drunk one night and kicked half the guild.

Following that I joined Vendetta and was shortly promoted to Officer. Vendetta kind of disintegrated at the end of TBC and a bunch of us moved on from there and set up Debonair, which I was also an officer of until the very recent past.

I have now set up Tranquility and hope to make it into a fun, successful social raiding guild.

I have raided in all raids all the way through from vanilla right up to Cata, including raid leading in the Cata raids so have a fair bit of raid experience. PVP is really not my strong point so although I have done some arena and battlegrounds its not really my home.

I am usually online most evenings and weekends.

Silver x

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Silverstorm - Head Elder
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