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repose: a disposition free from stress or emotion.
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PostSubject: zippynogoatface   zippynogoatface EmptyWed Jul 25, 2012 4:57 am

will do anything for sweets

Im 33 from Uk called Dave

Been playing wow since vanilla where i played a warrior tank. Experienced 40 mans when molten core was out originally then when tbc was released went to a priest healer. I then played mage for wrath which i have stayed with for cata.

I have played most characters to a high level and raided with most. Have never been the best dps player but can do a decent job with most specs

I like collecting the pets in game and am looking forward to pet battles in mop.
other than that i do the occasional grind for materials or try to make some gold etc.

Im not the best at pvp but find it quite enjoyable on the odd occasion.

Outside of wow i enjoy the cinema, playing golf and following liverpool fc.

If anyone want any advice or help with game stuffz if im free ill give ya a hand
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