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Tranquility - Zenedar

repose: a disposition free from stress or emotion.
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PostSubject: Guild rules   Guild rules EmptyWed May 30, 2012 11:58 pm

Ok so... we need a few basic rules so here they are:

General Behaviour - Tranquility members should treat people as they would expect to be treated themselves. Therefore we will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour i.e. swearing at people, shouting and generally being horrible to people in instances. People make mistakes thats life!

There will be a '3 strikes and your out' rule implemented. Any cases of anti-social behaviour that is reported to me or the other officers will mean demotion to the Sin Bin rank for a period that suits the crime. The Sin Bin rank removes all guild repair and bank access rights.

New members will be expected to write a short paragraph about themselves in the Introduce Yourself thread, and can post a photo if they wish. The officers will also be doing this!

New members will have Trialist status for a minimum of 21 days, after which they will be promoted provided they have introduced themselves on the forum.

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Guild rules
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