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repose: a disposition free from stress or emotion.
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 Dinj (Injin)

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PostSubject: Dinj (Injin)   Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:57 am


Most people call me Injin (he's my rogue, my main) but in Tranq I am on my DK, Dinj.

I'm late 30's, non smoker, no pets, GSOH, WLTM female Albanian acrobat for juggling practice. Yeah..juggling. No cheeky girls. They had their chance.

Oh wait, that's somewhere else. On wow I have played rogue since the start of vanilla, I also heal a bit here and well as also being the worst tank in europe.

As CM said, if you wanna hand with anything gimme a nudge.



p.s. CM isn't joking he really is crap at PVP.
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Dinj (Injin)
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